This is a Cookie inspired look. So, you know it’s all about the furs and animal print.

Cookie is totally my spirit-animal: Fierce, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. She is so strong and vulnerable at the same time. I LOVE.




I got this sexy and sleek dress via Gwynnie Bee – and, I love it. It’s sexy, yet conservative. It kind of gives that retro vibe, with the cutout neckline. It also brings a modern element with the criss-cross hemline. I love the color too.


I paired this look with with funky accessories, in true Cookie-fashion. Had to include the fur and animal print, with a fringe bag and some sexy heels. Cookie keeps it classy, with some edge.



The Cookie Formula:

Fur +Animal Print + Gold + Extraness + Finesse + Retro Glam = Dope

Style Notes:

Purse: Agape Bliss Boutique – plus size items now available

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Shoes: Lane Bryant:Heels, Torrid:Boots

Most humans are so afraid to live in the now and really be their honest self because we’re just so busy trying to please other people,” Taraji continues. “That’s why the audience relates to Cookie– we all wish we could do that and say whatever the hell we were thinking.



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